Relocation Services

Hello, I am Carmen, I offer a personalised service to make your relocation to Spain as easy, smooth, efficient and stress free as possible in accordance to your specific needs.

Here is a list of some of my services:

  • Obtaining all official documents needed or required for living in Spain; NIE, residencial permits, moving arragements, dealing with Spanish authorities, taxes, legal assesment
  • Changing of utility bills
  • Maintainance: organising, contracting, receiving and supervising any installation, works and repairs, pools, etc.
  • Insurances: Home, buying and car registration, traffic fines
  • Help with schooling, colleges, cultural activities and memberships
  • Permits: building, renovating and licenses
  • Organising monthly bills and general handling of paperwork
  • Event organization: social activities, meetings, parties
  • Forming of companies, self employed registration and legal introductions
  • Cleaners, babysitters, chefs, general staff
  • Taking care of your home, bills and interests while you are away
  • Help Translating spanish documents

These are just a few examples – Please don’t hesitate to let me know your needs and I will be delighted to hear and willing to help.

For further information please contact me at:  –  +34 639 003 534


TIPS, you must know, and knowledge about the spanish way of life
Remember Spain is different…

  • Tomorrow isn’t always tomorrow… it could mean any other day from there on…
  • No problem means “I’ll try to do my best” but no guarantee
  • Burocrats (of our Administration) are not the equal to Civil Servants and believe it or not, do not / DON’T speak English.
  • Remember Siesta really does exist 😉 Adapting to Mediterranean lifestyle
  • Our philosophy of life is different to/from yours; daily rutines
  • Society and children – You have The Queen, we have The Children
  • We don’t only have 14 official Fiestas yearly, we really have Fiestas all year round.
  • We are 17 different regions; We don’t all dance flamenco, play the guitar, drink sangría or run in front of the bulls

These and other tips are absolutely essential for a smooth relocation.